The collapse of the emperor ‘EcoPro’… Secondary battery stocks ‘in jeopardy’

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◇Anchor> Electric vehicles are attracting so much attention, but the stock price seems to be trending differently. Secondary batteries, which were once popular, are in a slump. What is the reason?

◆Heo Jun-young> \I think the biggest problem is overproduction, but it seems like there has been overproduction of secondary batteries. For example, if we look at the secondary battery production index, it continued to increase until March of this year, but has been decreasing for four consecutive months since then. And exports have also been decreasing for three to four consecutive months since April. Isn’t that why overproduction has been accumulating? In addition, many of the lithium and other materials used in secondary batteries are actually made in China.

Since these are related to the US inflation reduction law, there is a high possibility of sanctions in the US, which is being watched closely. In addition, competition in the secondary battery sector with Chinese companies has been increasing recently. For example, since Chinese companies have recently been unable to export directly to the United States, what they are doing is forming joint ventures with Korean companies and making and exporting secondary batteries. In these areas, competition with Chinese companies is also increasing. It seems like a lot of things are interconnected.

◇Anchor> There will be many people who are disappointed as EcoPro, once called the king’s stock, falls below 1 million won, so I think we will have to keep an eye on it.

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