‘The core of the attack’ Lee Kwang-hyuk, a bold declaration to manager Kim Do-gyun “I can help with 10 goals and 5 goals, but…”

“If the director sees the interview, won’t it change a bit?”

Suwon FC drew 1-1 with Daegu FC in the 9th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Suwon Sports Complex at 7:30 pm on the 26th.

As a result of the day, Suwon FC kept 6th place with 3 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses and 12 points. Daegu ranked 8th with 2 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses with 10 points.

It was Lee Kwang-hyeok who broke the balance in the fierce game. In the 6th minute of the second half, Lee Kwang-hyeok, who exchanged a one-two pass with Yoon Bit-garam, penetrated the Daegu defense and cut the net with a simple left-footed shot.

Suwon FC’s home fans exclaimed with their sensuous movements and goals. Lee Kwang-hyeok smiled broadly as he blew a heart ceremony toward the audience. When asked about the meaning of the ceremony to Lee Kwang-hyeok, whom we met in the Mixed Zone after the game, he explained the reason, “Her wife always visits us during home games. She sent her heart there.”

Lee Kwang-hyeok, who joined Suwon FC this season, quickly melted into the team. Especially with his colleagues, his breathing is dazzling. With his vigorous activity, Lee Kwang-hyeok dug into the opponent’s space. In the match against Daegu, he created a work with Yun Bit-garam, who has the best pass in the K-League. Lee Kwang-hyeok, who mainly plays on the right side, leads Suwon FC’s attack with the use of veteran right fullback and seasoned combination play.

Even at the time of scoring against Daegu, Bitgaram Yun’s through pass shone. Lee Kwang-hyeok decorated the best scene of the game with exquisite movement and shooting. Regarding the score, Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “I learned a lot from watching (Kim) Seung-dae’s movements during the Pohang Steelers days.” I thought it would have been. In today’s game, I thought the pass had to come to me,” he laughed.

Lee Yong and combination play were also threatening against Daegu. It looks like the feet are getting closer. Lee Kwang-hyeok explained, “I prefer penetration, but Lee Yong likes to poke a pass into space. It’s a way to harass the defense. I felt it would fit well from the first training session. It’s actually a great help.”

He has 4 offensive points (2 goals, 2 assists) before he knew it. Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “I think I can score 15 attack points (10 goals),” and expressed his bold aspirations, saying, “I hope you can reduce the burden on defense.메이저놀이터

He also shared the secret to a strong home team. Suwon FC has 3 wins and 1 draw in their last 4 home matches. Lee Kwang-hyeok said, “The grass has a big impact. There are many players with good skills in Suwon FC.” Even though the day was cold, many people came to the game. It is always the driving force to play hard, “he said thanks.

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