“The earth is boiling… End of global warming, era of tropicalization” warning

“ The era of global warming is over. Now the era of global boiling has arrived.”

UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned on the 27th (local time) based on an analysis by the World Meteorological Organization ( WMO ) that “July of this year is the hottest month in history.” “Climate change is a frightening situation right now, but it is only the beginning,” Guterres added.

All over the world, including Asia, North America and Europe, is infested with abnormally high temperatures. In the United States, the federal government issued a heat wave warning as record heat continued, with temperatures exceeding 50 degrees in some cities. Mediterranean regions such as southern Europe and northern Africa are suffering from heatwaves (long-term heat waves) and forest fires. It is analyzed that it is “part of a trend in which global temperatures are rapidly rising.”


UN Secretary-General “The Earth is boiling”WMO said on the same day, “The average surface temperature of the earth from July 1 to 23 this year was 16.95 degrees Celsius, and the first three weeks of this month were confirmed as the three hottest weeks on earth.” It is the result of analyzing observational data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service ( C3S ) , a climate change monitoring organization supported by the European Union ( EU ). This surpasses the record of 16.63 degrees Celsius in July 2019, which was recorded as the hottest month ever. The WMO predicts that July will be the hottest month on record, given current trends. WMO predicts that there will be hotter weather than July this year with a 98% probability within the next five years. In addition, the probability that the global average temperature will increase by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius over the pre-industrial period (1850-1900) within 5 years reaches 66%. “The extreme weather that affected millions of the world’s population this July is unfortunately the harsh reality of climate change,” said WMO Secretary-General Petteri Talas. “The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is greater than ever체스카지노 . ” Carlo Buontempo, director of CS3 , also explained that “the record-breaking temperatures are part of a rapidly increasing global temperature trend.” Guterres, Director-General of WMO

Immediately after the announcement of “Terrible climate change has begun. North America, Asia, Africa and Europe are facing a ‘brutal summer’.” He also appealed that member states should immediately take action to stop climate change, saying, “This (‘boiling earth’) is a global catastrophe, and it is clearly human responsibility.”

● Biden “About 600 people die every year due to heat waves in the US”The heatwave has been going on for more than a month in the United States. The heat dome, which heated up the southwest region, expanded to the northeast, and the temperature soared to around 38 degrees in major eastern cities such as Washington, Philadelphia, and New York. According to the National Weather Service ( NSW ), over 170 million people, more than half of the population, are under a ‘heat watch’ or ‘heat warning’. Demand for electricity has also soared, prompting energy emergency alerts to be issued in 13 states.

In a speech to the public that day, US President Joe Biden announced that he had “requested a heatwave risk warning (at the federal government level).” He also mentioned that more than 600 deaths occur in the United States each year due to abnormally high temperatures, and said, “It is shocking. No one can say that this is a normal situation.” The Biden administration announced that it would invest $1 billion (approximately 1.27 trillion won) to plant trees in downtown areas and residences to reduce high temperatures.

In Mexico, 249 people have died due to heat waves in the past four months. In Tunisia, in northwestern Africa, the highest temperature recorded 50 degrees on the 24th, and drought and water shortages continue. The Tunisian government has also banned water from being supplied to farmland or used to clean public places, including washing cars.

Heatwaves in Asia are also reaching dangerous levels. On the 27th, the highest daytime temperature in Osaka, Japan reached 39.8 degrees Celsius. According to WMO , the rate of warming in Asia between 1991 and 2022 was almost twice as fast as the warming trend over the period 1961 to 1990.

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