The end of the quiet and beautiful Hong Kong Ram, ‘great man’ and the empress called salt

“(Hong) Bo-ram is like salt.”

On the 16th, a special retirement ceremony was held at the Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium, where the match between Asan Woori Bank and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance took place. Hong Bo-ram, who quietly and silently fulfilled her role at the splendid Asan Woori Bank, said her final goodbyes to the fans.

After being nominated by Samsung Life Insurance in the 5th overall at the 2007 WKBL Freshman Selection, Ram Hong 토토사이트 built a professional career at Bucheon KEB Hana Bank (now Hana One Q) and Woori Bank. He was not a flashy player, but he was a grateful player who filled the team’s needs, such as dirty work and defense.

At the retirement ceremony held at halftime, Hong Hong-ram said, “The team that debuted as a professional player is Samsung Life Insurance, so it is more meaningful and I am grateful to the club, (Sung-Woo Wi), and coaches (Jeon Joo-won, Lim Young-hee) who made this place possible. Even though I was not a flashy player, I was able to stand where I am today by meeting Woori Bank, the best manager, coaches, and colleagues. In the future, I will repay the team in a position other than being a player. Lastly, I am grateful to my parents for helping me both physically and mentally for the past 24 years.”

Hong Hong-ram, who retired at the end of the 2021-22 season, is currently managing the team as manager of Woori Bank. Having had a busy day since the off-season, he showed a strong image as a manager just like he did as a player.

Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Lee, who watched the PR for a considerable amount of time, said, “When I was with him as a player, he did not stand out and was quiet. He rarely took a break from exercise and was really quiet and like salt. He explained how valuable he was as a player.

It is Director Wi who acknowledged 100% about manager PR Ram. He said, “The reason he became a manager was because we caught him. He’s still doing well, and he’s really good at it. Just as I worked hard, I work hard as a manager. He is a person who makes me feel again that while being good at basketball is important, it is also important to live well as a player. If he does well by himself and works hard, the club recognizes everything and tries to help even a little bit more. He is also someone the seniors on the team now can watch and learn from. As much as he plays well, he will come back if he lives well.”

Park Hye-jin, who stood at the top of WKBL with Hong Ram, also showed respect. He said, “I came out on the court in a state of upset because the game did not go well in the first half, but Boram’s heart was moved while watching her sister’s retirement ceremony. The Boram unni I saw was a player who did not spare herself for her team. She was like salt to us. In the meantime, she has worked so hard, and I hope she will only walk on the flower path in the future,” she said with a warm message.

It was not a fancy retirement ceremony, but it was a time full of warmth. I wonder if it was a day where I was able to rediscover what a player named Hong Ho-ram was like and how valuable he was. He successfully started his second life like that. It was a representative beautiful end and beginning moment of professional sports.