The goal Leo wants is to win the championship “to give the championship trophy to the coach”

“I will do my best to give the championship trophy to the coach.”

OK Financial Group’s Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo) started the match against KB Insurance in the 3rd round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League held at the Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th and scored a set score of 3-1 (22-25, 25- 20, 25-21, 25-21) led to victory.

Leo, who came into the interview room after the game, said, “I am happy to win an important game. KB Insurance also played a good game, but it feels good to overcome well and get 3 points.”

On that day, Leo scored 30 points, including 3 blocks and 3 serves, and set a record of 4 consecutive triple crowns.

Leo said, “I tried not to think about the triple crown before the game. But he couldn’t stop thinking about it because his son kept mentioning it,” he laughed. He added, “I was worried and burdened, but it feels good to record it.”

Leo showed a lack of blocking from his previous days at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. There were many cases where he did not have enough blocks even though he played an activity comparable to the Triple Crown.

But not anymore. He is playing an important role in bringing the atmosphere by scoring blocking goals at every crucial moment. Why did blocking get better? Leo chose director Seok Jin-wook’s advice.

“The coach is giving advice on blocking. When blocking while stepping, it flies away or the shape of the hand becomes bad. Director Seok Jin-wook said that since I am tall, he just needs to get a good seat, so he is doing it.”

Leo, who has been recording consecutive triple crowns, said he would like to have a dinner with his teammates after the season. 메이저사이트 “I can’t say it right now because it’s in the middle of the season, but I want to invite all the team members to dinner after the season is over. The Triple Crown is not something you can do alone. It is a record that was only possible because of the team members,” he explained the reason.

Finally, Leo said, “This is an important season for me and the coach. All the teams are doing well, so a tough game is expected, but I will do my best to give the championship trophy to the coach.”