‘The most 13 points in the team’, Korea University freshman Min-soo Yoo, established himself as an axis of forward basketball

Yu Min-soo, who is melting into the team at a terrifying speed, led the team to three consecutive victories by scoring the most points in the team.

Minsu Yoo (202cm, F), a freshman at Korea University, scored the most points in the team with 13 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist in the regular league match against Hanyang University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 27th. With Minsu Yoo and all other players in the roster scoring, Korea University won a complete victory over Hanyang University by 41 points (93-52).

Yoo Min-soo, who experienced the third game of the college stage, scored double-digit scores in two consecutive games following the last Joseon Daejeon (16 points). He scored easy points based on his tall height and quick speed, and boasted a high-sensitivity shooting feeling, such as attempting three 3-point shots and making all of them successful.

Yu Min-soo, who mainly kept the bottom of the goal until last year, but after going to Korea University, is melting into the ‘forward basketball’ pursued by coach Joo Hee-jung. He is proving his worth not only in his quick transition, but also in defense such as hedge defense and switch defense.

In response, Yoo Min-soo said, “I am learning a lot while playing forward basketball. He’s funny and I’m happy to win big every game. First of all, since all the older brothers are doing well, I try to contribute to winning games while being faithful to my role.”

He continued,바카라사이트 “Of course, the basketball style I played in high school has changed a lot, so it is difficult and there are difficult parts, but I think the current experience will increase the value in the professional world. My pride in the school is gradually growing,” he said, expressing his pride in Korea University.

Min-soo Yoo, who has established himself as one of the pillars of forward basketball at Korea University, is slowly melting into the university stage. Let’s watch the progress of Min-Soo Yoo, a freshman who will run toward Korea University’s third consecutive championship.

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