The presence of Kim Min-jae, recognized by the ‘Naples senior’… “I can’t see a player to replace him”

Defender Fabiano Santacroce, who played for Napoli in the past, predicted that it would be impossible to find a perfect replacement for Kim Min-jae.

As soon as Kim Min-jae joined Napoli, he is active as a starting center back. Not only did he add a sense of stability to his defensive line, but he also raised the atmosphere of the team with his unique pleasant personality. He is praised for his aggressiveness and stability. He played a decisive role in Napoli’s victory, but as of now, it is highly likely that he will leave Napoli next season for a new challenge.

For Napoli, filling the void of Kim Min-jae next season has emerged as an important task. Perspectives are divided. Some believe that another hero will be born, just as Kim Min-jae appeared after Kalidou Koulibaly left, but there are voices mixed with concerns that it will not be easy to replace Kim Min-jae considering his talent. Santa Croce is the latter.카지노사이트

On the 15th (local time), when asked about the possibility of replacing Kim Min-jae through Napoli’s official radio channel ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’, Santa Croce said, “I prefer Italian defender Giorgio Scalvini (among the players mentioned as a replacement). He has no law to be afraid of.” There is no. A player who can give you faith,” he said, revealing his personal thoughts.

He continued, “But I want to say that there is no player to replace Min-jae Kim in and out of the league. Min-jae Kim is a truly phenomenal player. He knows how to defend well,” predicting that it will be impossible for Napoli to completely fill Min-jae Kim’s void. .

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