The Saemangeum campsite became a ‘sea of ​​water’ after the typhoon… It’s good that you left early

On the morning of the 11th , when Typhoon Kanun swept across the Korean Peninsula, the “2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree” campground in Buan, North Jeolla Province was in a sea of ​​water


It seems that great confusion would have been inevitable if the government had not stepped up and distributed the Jamboree members to eight cities and provinces메이저사이트, including Seoul and the metropolitan area.

Rainwater also accumulated on the ground at the campsite where Scouts around the world pitched their tents and slept. There are also puddles that are deeper than the height of the pallets installed under the tent, so it is expected that if the crew camped out, there would have been a commotion to evacuate while sleeping. It is presumed that it was difficult to move smoothly within the campsite as the palm tree mats laid for the movement of the crew were also flooded with water. The area around the portable toilet was also almost flooded and the toilet was isolated.If the government did not promote the movement of 37,000 scouts in preparation for Typhoon Kanun’s landing on the Korean Peninsula, many young scouts would be left without a place to go in a situation where there is no indoor space to accommodate a large number of people around the camp. would have happened The scene where scouts from 150 countries around the world spend a night exposed to typhoons in 23,000 tents is easily reminiscent of a disaster movie.

A local government official said, “If the event continued here, the dissatisfaction of the participants from all over the world would have pierced the sky.” I see,” he said. Looking around the reclaimed land where traces of the typhoon remain intact, I wonder how the idea of ​​choosing this place as the Jamboree camp came about.

The event, which managed to recover from the initial lameness, will conclude with the ‘ K- Pop Super Live Concert’ held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium that day. The owner of a restaurant near the campsite said, “I have been looking forward to the news of the Jamboree in 2017 for six years, but it is regrettable that it ended in vain like this.” This year, even the weather didn’t help, so the event was a mess.”

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