There is nothing wrong with the attack, but Son Heung-min bows his head “I’m really sorry to the fans who support me in Korea”

 The word ‘struggle’ is correct. Tottenham’s Son Heung-min (30) and Harry Kane (29) are struggling at the front, but the defense is a mess. However, Son Heung-min bowed his head on behalf of Tottenham.

Tottenham have not been able to escape from sluggishness this season. In the second half of the season, he led the team until Antonio Conte was sacked and left as acting coach Christian Stellini.

They fought desperately for the right to advance to the UEFA Champions League, but failed to win the expected points. We played our last home game against Brantford this season, and even though Kane scored the opening goal with a free kick, we lost a point by conceding consecutive goals. The Champions League and the Europa League, let alone the Europa Conference League, are unpredictable.

Son Heung-min struggled on this day as well. He tried to come down to the defensive area to prevent a goal, and when a comeback goal was needed, he did his best with a sharp cross and a shot. However, the atmosphere could not stop Brantford.

Tottenham are seriously shaken, but the attack is doing its job. With 66 goals in 37 Premier League matches, he is sixth in the team’s top scorer rankings. However, with 62 runs, it is 6th in the most runs. If they had been supported a little more firmly, they could have competed for the right to advance to the European competition.

Son Heung-min had an exclusive interview with ‘SPOTV’, a Premier League broadcaster, after the game. When asked about the last home game of the season, he said with a gloomy expression, “Winning the last home game was important to the fans. It is unacceptable to lose a goal, but it is disappointing that this kind of thing is repeated.”

I was only apologetic to the fans who flew all the way to England and cheered on TV in Korea. Son Heung-min said, “I am so sorry to the fans that the home game ended like this. I did my best every moment, and I tried to help the team every moment, but I think it was not enough.”

He continued,먹튀검증 “I am always grateful to the fans. A lot of Korean fans came to the stadium today. I know that many fans cheer for me while watching TV. Words of thanks are always not enough.” I would be very grateful if you could do it. This is the moment when I need your support the most. I really want to say thank you for supporting the players who were lacking during the season and me.”

Now, Son Heung-min and Tottenham will play the final match at Leeds United away. It is a situation where you have to win the final game and hope for the results of the rest of the team. An exclusive interview on Son Heung-min’s last home game can be heard in more detail through ‘SPOTVNOW’.

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