‘There was a war aftermath’… The legendary appeal of “Please wait”

 Midfielder Mikhailo Mudrik, dubbed the ‘future’ of Ukraine, is being criticized by Chelsea fans. Also, many experts criticized him for his performance below expectations.

Shin Sung Moudrik, 22, wore a Chelsea uniform in the transfer market last winter. His transfer fee is 100 million euros (139.5 billion won). But it did not meet his expectations. He scored zero goals in six appearances in the English Premier League and scored no goals in seven appearances in all competitions. The intensity of the criticism directed at Ukraine’s future has grown.

In this situation, the greatest striker in Ukrainian history and former coach of the Ukrainian national team, Andriy Shevchenko, stepped up.

He first presented the premise. It is said that due to the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mudrik, who was in Ukraine, could not properly train and play. The thing is that he hasn’t played football since November, before he joined Chelsea.

Shevchenko said: “Chelsea have signed a talented player for the future. It is an ambitious project for Chelsea. I think they made the right choice. is an investment in Mudrik’s future, which is only possible because of the confidence in his talent.”

He continued: “Mudrik has just started a huge football career. The EPL usually demands results right now. But let’s see how he does over the next eight years. We have to be patient in the long run. Mudrik’s talent. You have to believe in competitiveness,” he appealed.

Shevchenko has a painful memory of failing at Chelsea. He made a name for himself as one of the best strikers in the world at AC Milan,스포츠토토 but his downfall came to Chelsea. That’s why my feelings for Moudrik are stronger.

Shevchenko said: “I think it would have been better if I had come to Chelsea at the age of Mudrik. The culture in Milan and London is different. It is important to adapt to the culture. I have to study the language hard so that I can communicate with my teammates.” he advised.

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