“They say they’re creepy when they call their parents”… Additional report from a colleague of a teacher who died

While a 1st grade homeroom teacher was found dead at an elementary school in Seocho-gu, Seoul, and a stir is brewing, claims are being made that the teacher suffered from complaints from parents.

The Seoul Teachers’ Union said, “There is메이저사이트 a report that the deceased told his colleagues that he was having a hard time with the complaints of his parents.”

The teacher said, “It’s creepy, I’ll have to change my cell phone when I go on vacation,” while talking to the effect that it was difficult with frequent phone calls from parents who obtained their cell phone numbers.

The Seoul Teachers’ Union said that the call started after the so-called ‘pencil incident’ occurred in the teacher’s class last week.

A student scratched another student’s forehead with a pencil, and the parents of the student came to the office to protest.

Regarding this incident, the school explained through a home communication that “the matter known to have occurred in the class was completed the next day with the support of the school,” and then released a statement that even deleted this.

In the midst of this, the school tried to advance the vacation schedule.

The school was originally scheduled to go on vacation tomorrow, but this morning, it urgently conducted an opinion poll on whether it would be like to go on vacation from today.

Criticism came out about this, saying, “It’s suddenly irresponsible” and “Isn’t it running away?” Some responded to defend the school’s decision, saying, “It’s necessary for surprised children and teachers.”

It seems that the operation of the bulletin board has been suspended amidst the pouring of articles mourning the death of a young teacher in his second year and demanding an investigation into the truth.

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