“This is only 70,000 won” A new wristwatch that looks too similar to the Apple Watch

“It’s getting more and more like the Apple Watch” The new premium smart band ‘Mi Band 8 Pro’

recently released by Xiaomi in China is attracting local attention메이저사이트 with a design similar to the Apple Watch. Influencers specializing in IT are also scrambling to post comparison videos, saying, “It makes you feel as if you’re looking at an Apple Watch for a moment. ” The ‘Mi Band 8 Pro’, which Xiaomi unveiled in China on the 14th, caught the eye with a greatly changed appearance compared to its predecessor. In particular, a big change was made to the square display. Previously, it stuck to the shape of a vertically long rectangular display, but this time it became closer to a square by increasing the width.

The design alone reminds me of the Apple Watch, but the price has maintained Xiaomi’s ‘identity’. The silicone watch strap product is 399 yuan (72,500 won), and the leather watch strap is 449 yuan (81,000 won).

Considering that the 44mm Bluetooth model of the ‘Galaxy Watch 6’ recently released by Samsung Electronics is 369,000 won, it is about one-fifth the level. The factory price of the Apple Watch 8 GPS 45mm model is 639,000 won, which is about 9 times different from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun, who appeared at the new product announcement event that day, also wore his new product on his wrist. When he introduced the ‘Mi Band 8 Pro’ and shouted, “The most reasonable price,” cheers and applause broke out in the hall.

Xiaomi emphasized that ‘Mi Band 8 Pro’ has improved the accuracy of heart rate measurement and blood oxygen concentration compared to its predecessor. The display size is 1.74 inches. The 41mm model of the Apple Watch 8 is 1.71 inches, and the 45mm model is 1.92 inches.

While the Apple Watch is popular in China, Xiaomi is also trying to target the market with a similar design. Although the product name is a smart band, there are evaluations that it is closer to a smart watch.

According to Counterpoint Research, a global market research firm, the Chinese smartwatch market is dominated by Huawei (37%) and Apple (35%) as of the first quarter of this year. Apple holds the second spot in market share, especially thanks to the Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE 2022. The two models ranked first and third in sales, respectively, in the first quarter.Apple boasts overwhelming popularity, accounting for 87% of the Chinese smartwatch market in the $400+ product category. Xiaomi’s market share is around 8%, but it ranked first in shipments in the first quarter in the product category under $50.

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