“To the extent that my brain is focused”… Boyfriend beat her lover until she fell into a coma

A man in his 30s who indiscriminately assaulted his lover to the point of falling into a coma has been sentenced to prison.

It was investigated that the victim had been assaulted so severely that the brain was biased to one side.

The 2nd Criminal Division of the Jeju District Court (Judge Jin Jae-gyeong) sentenced A (35), who was arrested and charged with serious injury, to 3 years and 6 months in prison today (17th).

According to the indictment, Mr. A is accused of indiscriminately assaulting Mr. B over several hours for reasons such as preventing him from sleeping and disturbing him메이저사이트 while arguing with his lover B during the early morning hours of March 20th.

In addition, it was revealed that Mr. A did not take any relief measures and neglected it even though Mr. B lost his mind due to his assault at the time.

At that time, Mr. B could not wake up until the afternoon, but until then, Mr. A had neglected Mr. B and only reported it in the late afternoon and was taken to the hospital.

As a result of Mr. A’s assault, Mr. B was found to have been severely shocked, with severe bruises all over his body and his brain tilted to one side.

According to the medical staff who treated Mr. B, it was reported that Mr. B had a very high chance of dying during the operation.

Currently, Mr. B has recovered consciousness, but it is known that he still has serious aftereffects and there is a possibility of permanent disability.

Mr. A, who was in court, took issue with Mr. B’s usual conduct during the trial and shifted the responsibility to Mr. B.

The judge said, “The defendant A mercilessly assaulted the victim, who was his lover, over several hours.”

He was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison, saying, “The quality of the crime is not very good because there is no situation to shift the blame to the victim and recover the damage.”

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