Tottenham’s new manager, top priority… ‘Saving Son Heung-min’

The top priority of the new manager at Tottenham Hotspur is to save Son Heung-min.

The sacking of coach Antonio Conte is no longer an issue. This is because it has been a while since the atmosphere has been leaning toward the dismissal of manager Conte. Tottenham made up their mind to end the company sooner than planned when manager Conte poured out shocking remarks at a press conference after the match against Southampton, and has already started looking for a new manager. Ryan Mason will take over the helm until Conte leaves and a new manager arrives.

Several characters have been nominated. In the beginning, manager Thomas Tuchel, who had been unemployed for a while after being sacked from Chelsea, and manager Roberto De Zerbi, a young and competent manager who showed his ability at Brighton, were mentioned as strong candidates. Recently, news is being heard that Tottenham have made manager Julian Nagelsmann, who was fired from Bayern Munich, a top priority. In addition to this, names such as Celtic’s Ange Postecoglu and Frankfurt’s Oliver Glasner are on the shortlist.

No matter which manager takes over at Tottenham, the top priority is already set. Reporter Alesdair Gold, who is affiliated with England’s ‘Football London’ and is working as a dedicated reporter for Tottenham, wrote an article on the theme of ‘four problems the next Tottenham manager needs to solve’. Among the contents of the article, it was also included that Son Heung-min should be saved.

Reporter Gold said,안전놀이터 “Son Heung-min, who had a sensational season by winning the Premier League (EPL) top scorer last season, admitted that he had a hard time this season and there were times when his confidence was low. Heung-Min Son has scored four goals in the league this season. The fact that he did it will disappoint him, but Son Heung-min still has better records than any other striker, scoring 10 goals and 4 assists in 37 games, but his finish was poor and he disappointed his teammates and fans. He said that he felt that he had been ordered,” pointing out that Son Heung-min is having a difficult season.

“Someone has to find a way to get Son Heung-min back to his best form, no matter what. Tottenham are at their best when Son Heung-min and Harry Kane are good, and Son Heung-min is on fire again. The two The partnership between the players is essential for Tottenham to keep in the top 4,” he said, emphasizing that the new coach should save Son Heung-min.

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