Warning to board: Pochettino won’t be able to solve all of Chelsea’s problems

The British media sent a warning message to the Chelsea leadership. Mauricio Pochettino is a good enough manager, but he advises that he cannot solve all problems alone.

‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 15th (Korean time) that ‘Pochettino will soon take over as Chelsea manager. Chelsea are lucky. But Pochettino won’t solve all the problems’.

It is said that no matter how good a director is, it is of no use if the front desk cannot support it. That’s why Chelsea’s leadership has made too many mistakes over the past year.

Chelsea’s biggest problem is that the owner of ‘Congratulations’ is too ambitious to be the general manager.먹튀검증

American capitalist Todd Boelli bought Chelsea ahead of the 2022-2023 season. He spent close to 600 million pounds (approximately 1 trillion won) in transfer fees alone during the transfer market last summer and this winter.

Experts pointed out that Chelsea lost their identity by buying players indiscriminately. We have a lot of good players, but we couldn’t make a good team.

The Daily Mail said, ‘Chelsea stockpiled expensive footballers without strategy. There were good players, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were the right players.”

The Daily Mail said, ‘Pochettino loves football so much that it would not be an exaggeration to say that he has an obsession with football. After the game, he goes home and watches more football. Chelsea should consider themselves fortunate to be able to hire Pochettino. It’s the same in English football,’ he welcomed Pochettino.

However, it was diagnosed that the support of the board, including Boelli, is essential for Chelsea to revive.

The Daily Mail said, ‘Pochettino is a clever manager. But only heaven knows if that is enough to reorganize Chelsea. Pochettino will also be sacked if he fails to bring Chelsea back to the Champions League next season. The good news is that Pochettino can find great players on the training ground.”

‘Chelsea has found the right man. Chelsea now depends on what kind of Chelsea they want to be,’ implying that Boelli should help Pochettino build the squad he wants.

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