“What, is there such a newcomer?” Hanwha infielder Moon Hyun-bin, who threatens professional outfielders, makes the opponent’s defense super nervous when he goes on base

“I thought you were giving me a chance as an outfielder.”

Hanwha Eagles’ high school rookie Moon Hyun-bin (19) was asked, “What did you think when you were instructed to play outfield defense?” This is the answer that came back.

His main position is an infielder, but he has expanded his field to include the outfield. Coach Carlos Subero, who saw Moon Hyun-bin’s outstanding athletic ability and potential, is giving him opportunities in various forms. He seems to be thinking of utilizing it in some way. Coach Subero said, “I will watch until the demonstration game is over.”

The starting second baseman is Jeong Eun-won, and the shortstop position is Park Jeong-hyeon and Oh Seon-jin. There is no space for Moon Hyun-bin to squeeze into right away.

In the outfield, things are a little different. There is still fierce competition going on.

During his high school years, he primarily played second base and shortstop defense. He also has outfield experience. He added, “He’s played one contest as an outfielder. He’s not really awkward.”

A utility player who can play a variety of defensive positions. There is competitiveness. If you can maximize the advantages, it’s worth trying enough. A variety of uses can benefit individual players or teams.

Kazuma Okamoto (27), the main hitter of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Japan national team, played three positions: first and third baseman and left fielder. In his team, the Yomiuri Giants, he is the main 3rd baseman and 4th hitter, and he has played various roles depending on the situation of the national team. Due to the lack of outfielders, he started outfield defense training during the camp.

Participated in the game before the exhibition match. In six games he appeared in, he went 5-for-14 with a batting average of 3.5 and 7 runs. Uncharacteristically for a rookie, he doesn’t step out of the plate easily. He continues a tight fight.

3 out of 5 hits are doubles. He plays very aggressive base runners. He never misses an opponent’s defensive mistake. When gaps arise, he digs in and turns them into scoring opportunities. There are no RBIs, and there are 5 runs scored. When Moon Hyun-bin goes on base, the opponent’s battery and defensive line become very tense.

He has made two starts so far in center field.안전놀이터 Overall, it is evaluated as an acceptable defense, but there was an immature fence play. Compared to professional outfielders, batting judgment and throwing ability are inevitably inferior. If you look at it coldly, yes.

Anyway, with high school graduate infielder Moon Hyun-bin joining the team, competition in the outfield has become fiercer. As a professional outfielder, his ego is hurt.

Competition makes a team stronger.

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