When will the ‘National University Twins’ return to power… “Ko Woo-seok, if the condition is good, the opening match is possible”

The LG Twins were so many players selected for the national team that they were nicknamed the ‘Gukdae Twins’. They are coming back one by one after finishing the tournament with only scars.

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop announced plans for the return of players returning from the World Baseball Classic (WBC) ahead of the 2023 KBO league demonstration game against the Lotte Giants held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 18th.

LG sent six players to the national team for the WBC this year. Starting with national team captain Kim Hyeon-soo (35), shortstop Oh Ji-hwan (33), center fielder Park Hae-min (33), and pitchers Go Woo-seok (25), Jung Woo-young (24), and Kim Yun-shik (23) were included in the entry.

Kim Hyun-soo struggled while leading the team, but could not easily find a sense of hitting. While Oh Ji-hwan and Park Hae-min acted as backup members, Jung Woo-young and Kim Yun-sik did not return to their sense of pitching. Ko Woo-seok showed symptoms of phlegm during the practice game, and after returning home, was diagnosed with inflammation of the supraspinatus muscle, one of the muscles of the right shoulder rotator cuff, and needed two weeks of pitching rest and medication.

Oh Ji-hwan and Park Hae-min, who had few chances to play, are already playing. The two players, who played side by side against Daegu Samsung on the 16th, were both listed in the starting lineup two days later. Oh Ji-hwan is adjusting his sense of hitting by hitting multi-hits in the game on the 18th.

Coach Yeom explained the background to the game, saying, “(Park) Hae-min and (Oh) Ji-hwan want to play more in the game.”

However, Kim Hyun-soo, the same beast, will focus only on training for the time being. Director Yeom said, “Hyeonsu will train more. (In the national team) You can say that training was a little lacking.” Regarding the timing of Kim Hyun-soo’s actual appearance, coach Yeom said, “He will go to the game with 5 or 6 exhibition games left.”

Left-hander Kim Yun-sik, who failed to catch a single out count in the WBC match against Japan, is unlikely to reach the normal number of pitches before the opening game. On the 18th, Yunshik Kim, who lightly pitched 20 pitches in the bullpen, was scheduled to start against the Gwangju KIA on the 21st. Manager Yeom said, “The number of games is small, so I think there will be only about 70 pitches even before the opening. I couldn’t match the number,” and said, “We have to increase the number as the season goes on.”메이저사이트

Ko Woo-seok, who has not even been able to plan a match due to an injury, says that his condition is gradually improving. He was initially diagnosed for 2 weeks, but after a week break, he will be diagnosed again and will touch the ball little by little. Director Yeom showed a positive reaction, saying, “You have to take enough time for rehabilitation,” and “If your recovery is good, you can come to the opening game.”

However, I do not intend to overdo it. If his condition does not rise normally, he will go through the rehabilitation process slowly. Director Yeom said, “If the rehabilitation process is not good, I think I will have to watch it for a long time and leisurely.”

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