While hugging Neymar… Lee Kang-in never thought this day would come

In December 2022,
we were like this…

it’s like this . Let’s go back to 7 months while we hugged each other while playing

around without hesitation . Qatar World Cup Round of 16메이저놀이터, Lee Kang-in waited and asked for a uniform. He said thank you and blinked his eyes “I asked to change first. Neymar knows who I am…” And dramatic [Lee Kang- in / PSG] “Because it’s one of the best clubs in the world. If you play with really good players, you can do better. ” ‘Best’ club ‘Best’ player This is Lee Kang-in’s ‘current’ Now I’ll ‘prove’ on the ground Starting today, Mbappe is also going to work (?)…

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