WKBL FA market finally started, who is the biggest word? (4)

WKBL’s FA market has begun.

In the past few years, free agent acquisitions have had a huge impact on the team’s performance. In the 2021-2022 season, Cheongju KB, which recruited Kang Iseul (180cm, F), won the championship, and in the 2022-2023 season, Asan Woori Bank, which recruited Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F), won the championship. Busan BNK also fully enjoyed the effect of recruiting Kim Han-byeol. As such, FA recruiting is receiving more attention.

At the end of the first free agency negotiations, Incheon Shinhan Bank’s Lee Gyeong-eun (173cm, G) decided to renew the contract, and Lee Sa-bin (173cm, G) decided to retire. There are still 14 players on the market in free agency. Among them, Kim Jin-young (177cm, F) is selected as the biggest player among the remaining players along with Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F), Kang Iseul (180cm, F), and Kim Jong-un (179cm, F).

Jin-Young Kim ahead of this off-season Transferred to Incheon Shinhan Bank. This was a very big change in Kim Jin-young’s basketball life. And Kim Jin-young definitely seized this opportunity.

Kim Jin-young, who was mediocre at KB and BNK, quickly grew into a mainstay of Shinhan Bank. His scoring average reached double digits for the first time in his career. He led Shinhan Bank’s attack with Sonia Kim (178cm, F).

With his unique energy, he became a great force in the karate. He also recorded 1 steal per game and played harder than anyone else. He quickly adapted to Shinhan Bank’s basketball and further established himself as the center of the team.

Shinhan Bank, where Kim Jin-young joined, was evaluated as a low-ranking team even before the season. Sonia Kim, Jinyoung Kim, and Geumgul (180cm, F) were recruited, but Danbi Kim, who played the biggest role in the team, left.

However, these evaluations were all overturned at the end of the season. Shinhan Bank made an effort to bring the team together in the beginning of the season and achieved sufficient results in the second half of the season.먹튀검증 As a result, we went beyond advancing to the playoffs and reached the second place. Although it ended the regular season in 4th place, it was Shinhan Bank that achieved sufficient results.

In the process, Kim Jin-young’s growth played a very large role. Also, the possibility of growth is still open to Kim Jin-young, who was born in 1996. This is the reason why Kim Jin-young is selected as one of the best FA players.

What kind of uniform will Kim Jin-young, who has excellent offense and adds energy to the team, wear to the field in his next season?

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