Worst of all, Leonard’s out of season… “I’m not speeding up the return of Paul George.”

 The two people who were brought to win the championship cannot play in the playoffs.

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George were sidelined from the lineup due to right knee injuries. George, who suffered a knee injury at the end of the regular season, is unable to play through the first round of the playoffs.

Leonard, who played the first and second games of the first round, missed the third game. The 4th match was also confirmed. After playing the first game, my knee got worse, and I played the second game with reference, but the condition only worsened.

George aims to come back in the second round. Leonard doesn’t know when he’ll be back. He is extremely reserved even within the Clippers.

“I was very disappointed,” said Clippers manager Turen Lou. Leonard suffered a long anterior cruciate ligament injury two summers ago and was in treatment for a long time. He’s hurt. I feel sorry for Leonard.”

The Clippers lost their first two games against the Phoenix Suns in the first round. If Leonard’s return is delayed, it will be difficult to pass the first round.

However, he does not force George to participate. Director Lu said, “George’s physical condition has improved a little. However, just because Leonard is injured, he will not rush George’s return. The schedule for George’s return has not changed.” Currently, George is training on the court and building his body.

Leonard and George got together at the Clippers in 2019. At that time, there were many people who expected the Clippers to win. However, Leonard and George fell short of expectations due to minor and major injuries.메이저사이트 There is no winning or even advancing to the finals.

In the U.S., they even talk about the possibility of Leonard’s season out. Anxiety creeps over Clippers teammates as well. Russell Westbrook said, “If Leonard doesn’t come back, we have to stick together more. We have to find a way to win again. The playoffs are a series, not a single game. We will prepare for the fourth game.”

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