Yeomgalyang responded to the wind. Is LG finally starting a 150km fastball selection

Hyojong should have thrown well today…”

It is rare for LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop to support a specific player. It was because director Yeom, who was cold-hearted, had high expectations for Kang Hyo-jong.

Kang Hyo-jong was one of the rising stars at this Arizona spring camp. After changing the angle of his arm last season, he got his first pitch, and his pitching improved greatly. Coach Yeom said, “All of Kang Hyo-jong’s pitches, such as fastballs, sliders, and curveballs, have improved rotational power. All of the data used by major league clubs to evaluate prospects were top-notch.” He hoped that the data would come out in the actual game as well.

Kang Hyo-jong fully satisfied Director Yeom’s wishes. On this day, he played 3 innings, giving up 2 hits, 1 walk and 4 strikeouts. 52 pitches.

The highest speed was a 150 km fastball, properly mixed with a slider, curve, and changeup to disarm the Samsung batting line, which had 15 hits the day before. In particular, three out of four strikeouts were three-pitch strikeouts. He showed aggressive pitching as much as he did. The control problem, which was pointed out as a weakness until last year, has also disappeared. The sight of catcher Park Dong-won entering the throwing position was as if he were looking at another pitcher.

Kang Hyo-jong found the reason for good pitching in confidence. Kang Hyo-jong said, “Last year, I showed a lot of lack of confidence,안전놀이터 so my control was not good, but today I threw a lot with confidence and my control seems to have improved a lot, so I am satisfied.” Confidence in the changing ball has increased. Kang Hyo-jong said, “I didn’t like my changeup when I threw it from the bullpen, but it worked well when I threw it in the game.”

He is the first among the 5 candidates. Kang Hyo-jong’s goal this season is also to join the first-team rotation. “I’m satisfied because I think I threw the first game better than I thought. But I’m not satisfied here, I’ll continue to prepare well and show a good performance in the next game,” said Kang Hyo-jong, “the decision is made by the coach, so I’ll do my best.” said.

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